Dave Demerchant is back in action

Published: Jan. 8, 2020 at 10:45 AM EST
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It was just about a year that we did a story on Dave Demerchant and his battle with cancer. Demerchant did not let that slow him down. He did take some time off last January because he was not able to run, but he came back for the end off the season. He had surgery after the basketball season and that didn't keep him out of action.

Demerchant:" I waited a while and started doing baseball and softball this spring. I think I did 115 softball games this summer. Out of state mostly and I did soccer games and now back doing basketball."

Demerchant is a familiar face on the basketball courts and didn't let another surgery just a few weeks ago keep him on the sidelines

Demerchant:" I had my kidney removed recently and the doctor told me 2 to 6 weeks. At four weeks I said that is enough. I said I needed to get back out and see if I can do this. Everybody told me to wait until the first of the year but that is easier said than done."

The veteran official says that communities were very supportive of him during his battle and in his dry sense of humor talks about how he knew everything was back to normal

Demerchant:"Quick story I was up in Fort Kent for basketball. The announcer welcomed the officials and said we want to welcome back Dave Demerchant. I don't think it was a standing ovation because I didn't look but half the gym clapped. About five minutes back into the game it was back to normal you stink and get out of here and you should have stayed inactive. Things change quickly."

He says that you might notice him limping at the beginning of the game

Demerchant:" The knee hurts a little bit more. I think that comes with age and not what I have, The first two or three trips up there to get the knees in shape and get it going after that I am fine."

He said the thing he missed most was taking part in the game and spending time with fellow officials

Demerchant:" Get to ride home with your partner and just enjoy the whole night. The game itself is kind of recreational part and then you get to enjoy the time with your fellow officials."

His goal is still to reach 50 years of officiating in every sport

Demerchant:" I got 45 in baseball 42 in basketball 39 in soccer and 35 in softball. My goal now is to see if I can get 50. I will be an old man by the time I get softball I will be 77, but hopefully I can do it."

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