Demerchant signs Junior Hockey Contract

A Presque Isle High School hockey player is continuingh to play the sport after High School. Connor Demerchant has signed a contract to play Junior hockey with the Twin City Thunder.
Connor Demerchant:" I am very excited it is a chance to play hockey after High School. Not a lot of kids get to do that. It should b good I am looking forward to it."

Demerchant had a very successful career at Presque Isle High School scoring over 100 points in his career. He signed a contract to play with the Twin City Thunder in the US Premier Hockey League. Demerchant will attend a tryout later this summer to see which Thunder team he will be placed on

Demerchant:" They have a mini camp I will attend in August and it's basically a tryout."

Demerchant made two trips to the Northern Regional Championship game during his High School career. Demerchant would like to play college hockey and knows that playing junior hockey might help improve his chances of playing for a successful college team.

Demerchant:" It has been my dream to play college hockey and not many kids can jump right from High School to college. A lot of kids play Jr hockey until they are 21 and then play college and that would be my plan."

The Junior team is for players under 21 years of age so that will be the opportunity for him to continue playing the sport he loves with the goal of moving onto the next level.

Demerchant:" It's awesome I love hockey and have always wanted to play my whole life and being able to play at a competitive level after High School is awesome."