Deprey says nordic center is a dream come true

Published: Apr. 13, 2018 at 6:03 PM EDT
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The Deprey Nordic Center had a grand opening earlier this week at the Four Seasons Trail in Madawaska. Reno Deprey is who the building is named after and the former Madawaska teacher was on hand for the ceremony. Deprey told me that it was a dream come true to see the nordic center on site.

"I've been in these woods as a youngster, as a seven and eight year old. This is what I've been aiming for my whole life saying this should be a part. When they told me they were building and doing this I said my dream is going to come true," Deprey said.

Deprey now lives in Alaska, but does come back every few years and enjoyed his time skiing in the County once again.

"The trails are gorgeous. It's wonderful. I always look for an opportunity to come here during the winter time and I really enjoy it," he said.

The building will benefit many skiers in Madawaska and throughout the area.

"I think since it's Four Seasons 10th anniversary it's a really nice meshing between the public school effort towards outdoor recreation. And the fact that Four Seasons has been here for awhile now kind of brings everything together in the fact that we're now going to have a facility for our school kids here at the Four Seasons which is outstanding," said Four Seasons Trail Association President Colin Jandreau.

Deprey says it's important to have mainly for the kids in the area to give them a chance to use their environment to stay healthy.

"From my reading, the more the kids exercise the better the grades they are going to get in school and the better decisions they are going to make. It's not going to be hitting heads against anybody. It's a sport, like I'm doing, that you can carry with you for your whole life," Deprey said.

It took a lot of time and effort to raise over $17,000 to construct the building that was used this winter and many more ski seasons to come.

"I think it took time to realize that Four Seasons was here for good and that we were going to be a big part of the community. Then the school jumped on board and we just had so many people supporting us to raise those funds to build this building. It's pretty special and we want to thank all those people who helped to make it happen," Jandreau explained.