Eastern Maine Bowling Tournament

It's believed to be the longest running bowling tournament in the State of Maine. The Eastern Bowling Tournament brings together fraternal clubs from four different communities for the competition.
This event has been going on for over 95 years.
(Moe Collins):" What it was set up to day was we had clubs in the State. Caribou, Presque Isle, Houlton Calais, Woodland Millinocket and Lincoln. Now we are down to four towns. Presque Isle, Houlton, Calais and Woodland.

Collins is one of the familiar faces at the event He has not competed for the past two years because of various medical procedures, but he has taken part in over 50 of these tournaments.

Collins:" 52 years and counting."

Randy Hitchock is a member of the Presque Isle Elks Two team and he has been competing for over three decades and walked away with several individual awards and team trophies

(Randy Hitchcock):" We have won our share. We haven't won in the last few years but we are on course."

The bowlers mark the first week in April on their calendars every year. It is just like old home week renewing old friendships and making new memories.

Collins:" I was President of this league for 40 years. You see the same guys every year. A few drop out, but it is good to get together and see the old faces. It is kind of nice to have the four day tournament."

Hitchcock:" Getting together with all the guys from our own clubs and the other clubs. It is always fun."