Easton girls keep the program alive

The Easton Bears might not win a game this year, but they had the biggest victory. They were able to save the program. Before the season started there were questions on whether they would have enough girls to field a team.
(Bryan Shaw):" We had two or three girls come to that first meeting the day before the first practice. We got together at the school and had a school meeting and talked about the severity of what that means for our program and we got some girls back in who had played before."

(Cecilia Morin):" A lot of people were thinking we weren't even going to have a team and that really concerning."

The Bears have seven girls on the team. Lydia Ferris and Cecilia Morin are the two veterans who have played throughout High School.

(Lydia Ferris):" It felt really good knowing that we would have a team. Even if we weren't good this year we would all work together and get better for next year."

Morin:" It's really nice because for a long time I was concerned that we would not have a team. Being able to play is the best thing ever because I honestly love basketball. Even though we have low numbers I am just happy that I can play on the team."

Kassidi Hanson was one of the girls who was recruited to play this year.

(Kassidi Hanson):" I was a little on the fence, but then they talked to me and I said yeah let's go with it. All the team work and stuff it is a lot of friend building."

With just seven girls on the team it is difficult to run a full practice, but Shaw has gone back to the basics and a lot of individual instruction

Shaw:" Working one on one with the individuals with their footwork or dibbling skills. Everybody has different areas they can focus on to get better."

The players and Shaw are just happy to field a team and they feel the numbers will start to increase again in the future.

Shaw:"It's a lot of Easton pride here. Great fans great community and everyone has supported us and made sure that our program did well. Win or lose I am proud of the girls and think we are going to be where we need to be in the future."