Easton hopes to have lighted soccer field

Published: Jan. 23, 2020 at 10:31 AM EST
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There are just a handful of schools that don't have lighted soccer fields. One school is moving much closer to have lights on their field. Rene Cloukey has the story.

The field is buried in snow, but if Travis Carter has his way this field will be a busy place this spring because lights will be installed on the field. Carter has been working on this plan for a long time.

(Travis Carter):" This town has a lot of support for their athletes and it is hard to get to games that are 3 or 3:30 in the afternoon. A lot of people have talked about lights so finally the school board allowed me to grab the reigns and see if I can raise the money."

Carter says he sees it as instead of a build an they will come to an erect lights and they will come.

Carter: If you have a kid or not on the team and you see the lights I think they will show up and watch some soccer."

Currently Easton plays games at either 3:30 or o'clock on two fields and boys coach Ryan Shaw says having lights would be a huge advantage for parents

(Ryan Shaw):" A girl on one field and a boy on the other then they have to choose. The High School years go by fast so you don't want to make that choice. I think this will be very helpful."

Shaw also says it will benefit the teams during harvest break.

Shaw:"A lot of times we have harvest practice and we only have three or four kids."

Carter has been given approval to name the field after his grandparents Clair and Eldora Carter who were very involved in the Easton community for over 60 years.Carter estimates the project will cost around 130 thousand dollars and they have raised over 90 thousand so far.

Carter:" We would like the lights up to use for next fall. I believe we can do that. I believe there's some people out there who are willing to finish up something like this. Either Alumni or businesses or other grants. We are still applying for grants."

Shaw says this will also help organizations who are trying to fund raise by having larger crowds and a busy concession stand

Shaw:" You look at what happens in Mars HIll, Ashland, Van Buren and look at the money they are able to raise to supplement other things that the school budget can't with the money raised from the concessions."

The girls field is a regulation size field and the lights would be placed on that field. It would allow games to start later and give parents a chance to attend more games

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