Evan Graves prepares for Boston

Caribou's Evan Graves will be competing in the Boston Marathon again this year. This will be Graves first Boston Marathon since 2016.
Evan Graves:" Boston is such a historic race with a lot of good stories. A lot of fans on the course and a historic course that always is fun to run. It is a rite of spring and shows some good toughness and training through a tough Maine winter."

Graves has had a lot of success at Boston. He has finished in the top 100 several times including a career best 32nd place finish in 2009. Graves is a teacher and coach and has a young family and also due to the weather has not trained as hard as he did 10 years ago.

Graves:" Certainly it is harder with life happening and coaching and being a parent. The weather wasn't perfect either, but still to get out grind them out and get some decent runs in. Not what I wanted or needed, but still got some good runs in. As I get older I find I can still do this and train smart:"

Graves has competed in several marathons, but always enjoys Boston.

Graves:" I have done Boston a few times and it has been good to me. I ran some decent times there. I had some great opportunities to run there. As I have gotten older just being able to stay fit and run and still get some good training in has been a blessing. It has been helpful to get me back into shape for this year."

Graves says he know that when he toes the line in Hopkinton on Monday the competitive juices will kick in again.

Graves:" That is one of the tougher things about getting old. The competitive juices are still there. My mind is still a little younger and my body is getting older. I have to run smart race smart and the goal for Monday is to finish."