Falmouth Nordic Skiers train in Fort Kent.

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t's Christmas vacation week, but for winter sports athletes there isn't a break as they continue to practice and compete. Over 100 Nordic skiers from several Southern Maine teams including Leavitt, Freeport, Portland Nordic and Falmouth are spending part of the week in Fort Kent getting in workouts on snow.
(Kaitlyn Bernard):" This is our third year coming up to Fort Kent. It is good for us to get on snow before the race season really starts. Our first race is next Wednesday so this is a great opportunity to get a bunch of these kids out to ski for a couple of hours each day and get a lot of good practice in."

This is a homecoming for Bernard who grew up and went to school in Fort Kent. Bernard said the team used to go to New Hampshire, but they had a hard time finding snow there too so when she took over as coach she decided to bring them north for training. She and team members all agree it is great team bonding

Bernard:" We stay in some cabins up in Eagle Lake and they all get to know each other really well. It is a great bonding experience and last year was very very cold. That was a great bonding experience for them they have talked about it all year."

(Sam Pausman):" A lot of skiing and once we go back to the cabin we do a lot of team bonding we have team dinners and go to the movies. "

This is Pausman's third year traveling to Fort Kent. He said he a picture in his mind when he first heard they were going that far north

Pausman:" I knew it going to be really cold and I was right but it was a lot of fun."

The team members all enjoy the area and actually being able to train on snow.

(Eva Clement):" Really beneficial because I know a lot of teams have been on snow for like three weeks now and we have only been on snow for two days."

(Vance Boyd):" Super beneficial get on snow and have a couple of days to nordic ski, but not only that we get a lot of team bonding. We really get to know each other as a team and come together and work towards the collective season goals."

The question of the day how many times did people yell out are we there yet?

Boyd:" About 6 times every hour are we there. It's a long trip, but it is worth it."