Fast and Furious Fort Fairfield Tigers

Published: Jan. 22, 2019 at 3:37 PM EST
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Earlier this season we profiled the Fort Fairfield girls who are playing this season without any seniors. The Fort Fairfield boys are in the same boat. Fort has a group of juniors who are using their speed and shooting to try and propel the Tigers to a Bangor berth.

"They've been balanced, we'll be in double figures with three or four different guys on any given night so that's real nice," head coach Vaughn McLaughlin said.

The balanced attack is quarterbacked by junior point guard Dawson Watson.

"He's really taken over as a leader," McLaughlin said. "Dawson is the only player I have who has a lot of experience playing with the previous teams. Everybody else has really limited minutes from last couple of years."

The young tigers are looking to sharpen their claws against tougher opponents, although some of their toughest opponents, they won't see until the playoffs.

"We're still looking to learn how to be competitive with better teams to try to get ourselves up to the next level," McLaughlin said. "We don't play a lot of the better teams in Class C, we have Fort Kent and Mars Hill, but we don't have Houlton or we don't have those downstate teams on our schedule so it's tougher for us to get to that level when you don't play at it all the time."

No matter who's on the schedule junior Wyatt Keegan wants to get those wins so he gets his shot at playing in Bangor.

"It's going to mean a lot to me," Keegan said. "I've been there the past two years but I haven't really been able to play, I'm hoping to get a lot of big minutes this year down there."