Firecracker 200 brings back memories for local drivers

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CARIBOU, Maine (WAGM) - The Firecracker 200 is in the books and New Hampshire's Derek Griffith won the race. I was able to talk to some of the local drivers who gave their thoughts on how to race at Spud Speedway.

"These races are long, 200 laps. You got lots of time if you have enough car. You just need to save your stuff and race at the end," said Kirk Thibeau.

"You have to be aggressive too because it's kind of difficult to pass. You always want to be on the offense and once you make the pass you can play defense. You just have to be kind of aggressive," Austin Theriault explained.

Kirk Thibeau of Presque Isle was more than happy to race so close to his shop.

"We travel a lot when we go racing. You know we travel 4, 5, 6 or 7 hours to go racing on the weekends. When it's 20 minutes away from your shop it's a pretty easy decision," Thibeau said.

Bobby Alexander is in the Maine Motorsports Hall of Fame and his grandson Wyatt came up from North Carolina to race. He liked what he saw from the track.

"We're very impressed with the condition of the track. The fact that people hadn't been on it in three years meant the speeds weren't right there," Alexander explained.

For some drivers racing in the County brought back some great memories.

"Pulling in here it's been so long, but it feels like yesterday. I took a walk through the pits and a lot of it looks the same. Troy's made a lot of good changes to the track and it looks like these cars really do belong here for this race. The series up here does a lot in southern Maine and outside of Maine. It's really good to have the stiff competition up here for this race," Theriault said.

"Yeah this is where I started racing in the 90's. I won a championship here and have always had a love for the place. It's been years since I've been back. They haven't had the big cars here in a long time so it's really good to see," Thibeau added.

"This is like coming home. We've got family, friends, people we've raced with in the 70's. It's going to be a fun time and that's what we're all about is having fun," Alexander said.