Fish stocking is now underway

Published: Apr. 29, 2020 at 6:16 PM EDT
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It's a right of spring on several bodies of water around the State of Maine. The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has started the spring stocking in the State.

Frank Frost:" We stock 1.2 million fish annually through our state hatcheries. That is from all over the State. Aroostook County is lucky in the fact that most of our fisheries are wild we we stock about 65 or 70 bodies of water a year in Aroostook County and Northern Maine."

Frost says that stocking in the County is still in th early phases, but they are working hard to stay ahead of schedule

Frost:" We are finally able to get on the ground and get some fish out. The hatchery guys throughout the state have really pushed to get all the fish out as soon as possible because of the pandemic. We just now are able to get on the ground in Aroostook. The snow and ice is just starting to leave so we can get the fish in."

There is still ice on Monson Pond, but Frost says they are still able to stock the trout in open water. At times they might have to open a small channel, but the fish acclimate quickly

Frost:" We cut holes in ice before and put them down holes. The fish will be here and ready once the ice is gone. I expect ice out here within a few days to a week or so."

Fisheries biologist identify waters that are not able to sustain a natural fishery including Monson Pond in Fort Fairfield

Frost:" To evaluate waters that are worthy of stocking. Places like this do not have a large number of wild trout sustaining themselves so our hatchery product fills that void. It provides opportunity where otherwise it wouldn't be."

The trout stocked today and in many areas around the state are fish that of legal size to catch.

Frost:" This is an annual stocking at Monson Pond with 2000 spring yearling trout. Spring yearlings are 10-12 inches they are really handsome fish and are colorful and angles will find they bite pretty regularly once they go in. Within hours people will be catching these fish."

The DIFW stocks several different species of fish.

Frost:" Stocking we do in Northern Maine is brook trout, some lake trout some salmon and some brown trout in the Southern part of the County. For the most part brook trout is king in Maine That is not only in Northern Maine we stock a whole lot of brook trout throughout the state."

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