Thousands of athletes go to Virginia to compete in four different sports

The United States Collegiate Athletic Association decided to hold several events in the same place at the same time. This year it was in Virginia Beach Virginia. It is a four year contract and the reason for holding everything in one place as a fall classic was because of the success of basketball.

Matthew Sims, the executive director of the USCAA, says they "saw an opportunity to give more of a championship atmosphere to their events. And an opportunity to create a greater economic impact in the areas the championships are brought to. Volleyball cross country and soccer it has come to fruition to be beneficial not only to Virginia Beach but to the USCAA as well."

Virginia Beach was the perfect place to host the championships. All the venues are within half a mile of each other. The Virginia Beach Convention Center was perfect location to host the banquet which seated over 1300 people

Matthew Sims says that was "part of what made the Virginia Beach bid so great, because all the facilities at the Virginia Beach Sportplex, Princess Anne Athletic Complex and the Field house close together."

Virginia Beach is a very busy place in the summer time and this event also gave them a big economic boost.

Matthew Sims adds, "based on their estimates they already are expecting to do 1800 to 2000 hotel rooms. Once you add in the shopping and all of that it is an economic impact of 750 thousand dollars for this week."

The reviews are very high from everyone who took part in the event this year. Everyone is looking forward to next season.