Former Maine player enjoying team's success

The University of Maine football team is making history. The team will play in the semifinals this weekend near Spokane Washington. Black Bear fans all over the State will be pulling for the blue including former Maine player Daren Stone who now lives in Caribou.
Daren Stone:" As you can see from my hat to my shirt sometimes to my pants I wear it when they win or lose and now that they are winning I might wear the same Maine shirt two days in row. It feels good it feels awesome like I am winning when they are winning."

The Black Bears success is exciting for the former player. Stone graduated from the University of Maine in 2007 and was a sixth round draft pick of the Atlanta Falcons. He played in both the NFL and the CFL during his pro career. When he returned to Maine he spent a year as a Strength and Conditioning for the University. He got to know some of the coaches including then Assistant Coach Joe Harasymiak very well

Stone:" I know some of the coaching staff including Coach H. We had coaches meetings together and got to know him and see him coach. He is a special coach and knows how get the attention of the kids and get them to exactly what he needs them to do both on and off the field. He has also found a way to recruit talented players."

The University of Maine plays in the CAA. Stone says that is one of the power conferences in the NCAA FCS Division.

Stone:" If you make the CAA into the playoffs unscathed at home you are doing a good job. From Richmond to James Madison to University of New Hampshire they are always ranked nationally. They have won several National Championships in the last 10 years or so."

The Black Bears continue to have success. They moved into the semifinals on Friday and Stone says that was very exciting."

Stone:" It was overwhelming. I couldn't believe it. The next day I went back on Twitter and Instagram just to see if this was real. I saw a statement that said this might be the best team and I said definitely this is the best team that we have ever put together at the University of Maine."

Stone he and his family will be Saturday's game with a lot of excitement

Stone:" I am going to watch the game and message my ex team mates and we are going to root for the guys and be excited for them."