Fort Fairfield Tigers looking forward to successful season

Published: Jan. 2, 2020 at 8:50 PM EST
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The Fort Fairfield Tigers are focused on another trip to Bangor. The Tigers ended up 14-4 last year and are looking for another successful season.

(Larry Gardiner):" It is always a good challenge. We have everybody back from last year. We have three incoming freshmen and we took a summer trip downstate and camped out for a few days. We faced some tough competition to see what it was like. I think we benefited from that."

(Amber Sherwood):" I think we are really hungry. We didn't lose anybody last year so we are really ready this year. We have grown together I would say bring it on."

(Cammi King Demerchant):" We want to get back to Bangor and make it farther. That is one of our biggest goals."

The players all say that they have great chemistry and communicate very well together

(Riley Clough):"Encouragement and understanding because we know where they are coming from. It's a faster paced game and we understand that. Communicate if they have problems.

King Demerchant:" I think communication is one of the biggest keys. Just tell people why we have to do things and how to do them really well."

Gardiner says that even though they have several seniors they still spend a lot of time working on fundamentals

Gardiner:" I said it was not what we teach, but what we emphasize. The last week playing Fort Kent and Hodgdon we emphasized rebounding and those were big keys in winning both games."

The Tigers have always been known as a hard nosed defensive team and they are working on that again.

Gardiner:" We try to play good defense and play different defenses. Our man has to get a little bit better and we are working on that."

Gardner says he wants his players to be active on the court

Gardner:" You can't stand and watch. I tell the players you didn't buy a ticket to the game fans are coming to watch you. Don't be a spectator go play."

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