Fort Fairfield boys looking for tournament appearance

The Fort Fairfield Tigers are battling for a home game in the Preliminary playoffs. The Tigers are 5-5 on the season and they are still searching for more offensive punch.
Vaughn McLaughlin):" We are still developing as a team. Our offense doesn't click every quarter, but we have really competed in every game we have played. Got to work on the offensive end a little more more. Defensively I am real happy with what they have done. We have some good leadership from the seniors and I am expecting success as we get through our season."

The Tigers feel one of their strengths is their speed

McLaughlin:" Speed is a strength and our defense. We work really hard on both ends of the floor and work the basketball up and down the court quickly."

(Wyatt Keegan):" We have been able to add some size with a new junior. It has allowed us to push the ball inside. He is athletic enough where he can run the floor with us. It helps us on transition and scoring fast breaks."

(Dawson Watson):" Speed and quickness and pushing the ball up the court.

(Colby Langner):" We are better than our record shows. I feel that we have been in all of our games. We are really fast and stay with every team."

Some of the seniors on this team have competed in tournament games their freshmen and sophomore seasons. The team wants to get back to the Cross Center this year

McLaughlin:" I would really like to see us in the top eight and get a home playoff game. The higher up you go the better your chances are. If we could to four five or six would be a goal for us."

(Wyatt Keegan):" A nice prelim win or a straight by to tourney and hopefully win a State Championship. I think that is everybody's goal on this team."