Fort Fairfield girls work on fundamentals

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The Fort Fairfield girls are playoff bound again. The Tigers won two thirds of their games this year and are looking forward to the playoffs.

(Larry Gardner):" We achieved one of our goals which was to make the playoffs. We finished 12 and 6 regular season. I think they were a little surprised by that record. We had six losses that looking back the games were all close. Two to Fort Kent two to CAHS, one to Shead and one to Katahdin and we were competitive in all of the games."

The veteran coach says it is a great group to work with.

Gardner:" I like our work ethic, they get along way. We are deep off the bench. We can go nine or ten deep pretty easily."

The Tigers don't have a lot of height in the starting line up

Gardner:" Our starting five our five seniors look like a middle school team because they are undersized, but they have a lot of heart and work ethic and that makes up for a lack of height and length.

Gardner says he stresses boxing out

Gardner:" Play defense for 20 seconds and then give up an easy rebound. You can't do that."

Hunter St Pierre says the team has focused on defense looking to keep the score of the games down.

(Hunter St Pierre):" Our defense we have been playing 2-3 for most of the season. That is what we are based off so that teams don't score as many points.

Gardner:"We work on everything every day. It's fundamentals. It's rebounding, its shooting it's defense. You have work at all of them and be prepared in all those phases.