Fort Kent Nordic Skiers are looking for another strong season

The Fort Kent Nordic Ski teams have been very strong over the past few years. Once again this year the Warriors are having some early season success and they are looking forward to another successful season.
I am always optimistic to start the season. We have a small boys team, but a powerful team. We will see how the season goes. The girls are deep again. We have a bunch of young girls and two seniors and a bunch in between and they look strong again."

Miguel Sanclemente won the State Championship last year and he says he is looking forward to another good year, but he knows it won't be easy

(Miguel Sanclemente):" Training just as hard. Trying to get up there again this year. Competition is tough I will have to work hard for it, we will see."

Riley Sibley is one of the Warrior skiers who pulls double duty skiing both nordic and alpine..

(Riley Sibley):" It's very tough, but I love both of them. I have great coaches and teammates who are very supportive and they make it work so I can do both."

The teams held a meet on Thursday and Theriault says the next couple of weeks will give the skiers a chance to get back into the swing of things.

Theriault:" We are trying to get going after the holidays. The holidays are always tough because they take off with their families which is what they should do get some rest. We are right back it now."

Sibley says the chemistry of the team is excellent and that people encourage and help each other all the time

Sibley:"We are a small team and we see each other day in and day out and we all have a good relationship. We all push each other because Nordic is not an easy sport. We make sure we push each other to our best."

Sanclemente has had a busy few weeks. He has also competed in some Eastern Cup races as he tries to peak for the States and also for the Eastern Cup after that.

Sanclementea:"I have been to a couple of the bigger races this year on the Eastern Cup. I am doing ok there and I will see how I stack up later in the season."

Theriault says that his team has been on skis since the first day of practice and that this area is the envy of several teams in other parts of the state.

Theriault:" It's the earlier since I have been coaching that we have been on natural snow. Everyone in New England is jealous of what we have up here right now."