Fort Kent Phys Ed Teacher issues fitness challenge

Published: Mar. 26, 2020 at 5:34 PM EDT
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Teachers throughout the State are now teaching remotely. All teachers are getting creative and trying their best to reach their students. Eric Werntgen the Athletic Administrator and Phys Ed instructor in Fort Kent has put out a fitness challenge to his students and others.

Eric Werntgen:" It's not mandatory for my students in any sense. I am hoping they will take on the challenge. The only so called mandatory thing that I am requiring right now Rene is for them to fill out a physical activity log. I have created a Google Doc and they just share data that they are doing stuff each week."

Rene:" How important is it for your students to stay active?"

Werntgen:" The feat is too much screen time and not getting active so I think students have to get creative. I am trying to provide them with as many resources as possible. Even before this Rene it is a proven fact that physical activity wakes up the brain especially first thing in the morning."

Fort Kent High School has also made equipment available for students to sign out and use. It has proven to be very popular among the student body

Werntgen:" When I went back Monday there was like two pairs of snowshoes left. We hauled a bunch more out and placed those there and we added jump ropes exercise mats and exercise bands."

He says the High School also is in the middle of a theme week

Werngen:" Tic Tok Tuesday and for physical activity it was great because it is an app where kids dance and send short clips."

He says that Phys Ed teachers throughout the state are getting together on Zoom and sharing ideas on what they are doing to keep students busy and active

Werntgen:" Sharing ideas and sharing thoughts and challenges that we are all dealing with. The presenters from the Maine Department of Education

can share files. There is a chat box going on. For phys ed teachers I think the hard push is for lifelong activites like nordic skiing snow shoeing. Stuff you can do by your self. Just working out with body weight type exercises like the push up and sit up."