Fort Kent boys looking for deep playoff run

The Fort Kent Warriors have had a lot of success this year earning victories against some really tough opponents. Daveson Perez traveled to Fort Kent to talk to the squad about their good fortunes this season.

They went on a 9 game win streak after losing the first game of the season to Caribou.

What's been the key to their success this year? Conditioning.

(Jace Rocheleau): "The key to our success is our fast breaks. Our whole team is guards. We like to run. Every practice we warm up with running. Everything we do is considered around running."

Yes, the fastbreak has been lethal but this team also depends on the trust they have in one another.

Rocheleau: "Our best quality is our trust in each other. No matter what, even if someone is 0-for-10 we still believe that they're going to hit their next shot."

(Eden Paradis): " All of us are working together pretty good this year. I mean our fastbreaks going good. Just the trust among the whole team."

First year coach Chad Cyr loves the trust his boys have with one another. He believes it'll help them moving forward.

(Chad Cyr): "When the boys can trust each other the way they do it helps to get over any type of adversity that you may have."

The Warriors have a tough slate of games the next few weeks but Chad says his team still has more in the tank that people haven't even seen yet.

Cyr: "We're getting into the meat of our season. We've got some real tough competitors coming up. Hopefully we can keep it rolling which I think we can. We haven't peaked 100% yet. I think once we peak we're going to surprise a lot more people."

(Daveson Perez): Where does this team wanna be at the end of the season?

Cyr: "Where any other team wants to be holding that gold ball."

The road to gold won't be easy but the Warriors have plans to run all over anyone that gets in their way.

Daveson Perez Newsource Sports.