Fort Kent has plenty of snow for Eastern Cup

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The Eastern Cup Nordic Ski Races are set for this weekend at the Fort Kent Outdoor Center. The snow this week has been a huge benefit for the organizers of the event.

The groomers were out Tuesday night and again on Wednesday afternoon grooming the trails including the 5 k loop

Theriault:"We told them we were going to have the five k trail ready and they couldn't believe it. They don't normally ski on a five k loop it is normally a two k or 1.5 loop because of artificial snow. We will have the five k loop open for the 10 k they will do two laps and everyone else will do one lap."

Theriault says that about 225 competitors have registered for the event. He says that number could rise a little bit, but that organizers are very happy with the number of participants

Theriault:" We were always building the event around 200 or 250 because we are a long way away from everywhere. The snow is a benefit for the skiers, but it makes traveling a little more difficult, but it should be fine by Friday when people start arriving and the roads should be fine."

The snow over the last week has been a huge benefit for the Fort Kent Outdoor Center, but even if Mother Nature had not cooperated Theriault says his group had a contingency plan and the race would have gone as scheduled, but the snow means that it should be a successful event.

Theriault:"Very very lucky. Someone said you rolled the dice yes we rolled the dice and you never know. This time of year we could be on dirt and man made snow but we got really lucky."