Fort Kent skiers look for more success

Published: Feb. 10, 2020 at 10:26 AM EST
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The Fort Kent Alpine ski team is looking forward to the States at Black Mountain in Rumford. The Warriors have had another successful regular season

(Leslie Marquis):" "A really strong boys and girls team. Very close in terms of times. We are looking good going into the State meet. It is always hard because we don't ski against a lot of them."

The Warriors have several seniors on the team and they are looking forward to returning to the State Competition

(Kailee Guimond):" It is always an exciting time. I think all four years we have had close chances and we all work together really hard. Each and every one of our times count so i am really looking forward to my last year."

Carson Theriault is another veteran and he says you are always learning something new

(Carson Theriault):" Every year you are learning new tricks and tips to get better so once the states come you have had the whole year to practice for it and you are in a zone and all set for it."

Fort Kent has been on skis since the first day of practice and they have practiced and skied in several different types of weather and snow conditions

Guimond:" It's kind of hard when it is cold, but we get out there on Monday and Wednesday we practice hard. Get many runs in and hope we have a meet on Saturday."

Marquis:" The snow conditions off and on have been kind of soft. That has been challenging for our kids. When we get to states we don't know what we are going to be skiing so . It is very good for them to see all kinds of ski conditions."

Both the boys and girls teams don't rely on just one skier for a top finish. They both have several skiers who are very close in skill level and any of them could be the race winner on any given day.

Guimond:"We are all so close on the team. We go back and fourth in time. We are seconds apart and in practice we try to beat each other every time."

Theriault:""A good solid team is a big part of it. A lot of people think skiing is an individual sport but when we come together as a team we do well."

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