GHCA Old School Style Leading to Success

Published: Feb. 6, 2019 at 4:53 PM EST
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The GHCA Eagles are one of the top teams in Class D this season. They've employed an old school style of play utilizing two bruising big men down low and a big chip on their shoulder to take the Class by storm.

"In past years coaches have always told us nobody wants to lose to little old GHCA, so we've used that as motivation," Junior Center Parker Brewer said.

But there's nothing little about this year's GHCA squad. They're one of, if not the tallest team in Class D.

"Over the summer, they got a lot bigger and everybody right down to number 10 has been focused since day one," Head Coach Matthew Day said.

Day is in his first year as head coach of the Eagles and he was gifted a couple of beasts in the post in junior Parker Brewer and senior Isaac Potter.

"We have the senior leadership with Isaac Potter, our main goal is to get the ball to Isaac," Day said. "He's such a good passer, such a good leader and he's got a good shot from the outside too. Parker Brewer, he's our biggest guy we have on the team and he's just an animal down low."

With the solid foundation on the inside, it opens up the outside for guards like Senior Cole Winslow to operate.

"It's a lot of relief there if I get in a situation I have them, but I also have the little guys up top and they help me out a lot too," Winslow said.

The Eagles have only lost twice this season, teams aren't sleeping on the Eagles anymore.

"We know that teams are going to be gunning after us, so we just want to be ready determined and focused to play," Senior Forward Isaac Potter said.

With Bangor in their sights, the Eagles have a unique advantage over most teams: they don't have a home gym and play all their games on the road.

"I think it may be good for us because we're so used to going on the road, so it won't be as hard, so it's definitely been beneficial in that way," Brewer said.

And it's become part of their identity to bust down the doors of their opponents.

"You know there's teams out there that we want to beat it just gives us more fire to play on their home court and take em down," Potter said.