GHCA baseball is back

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HOULTON, Maine (WAGM) - For the first time five years Greater Houlton Christian Academy will have a baseball team. In previous years players from the school played with East Grand, but now the Eagles are flying solo. Isaac Luken has more with the team.

"Yeah when I used to play down in Danforth it used to be right from school down to Danforth for practice and then back. We normally get home pretty late, but it was fun and I'm very excited to have a team," said junior Isaac Potter.

"We practiced a few times at GHCA's gym and the rest of them were down in Danforth so a good drive there," added junior Cole Winslow.

Montie Graham is coaches GHCA and a few other lower level teams in the area and he says it can be a lot to keep track of.

"Well the thing with baseball is that every level you move up to, junior league, senior league, and high school, the rules are all a little bit different. When you're coaching two or three different teams you have to keep track of all the different rules. It's kind of tough, but we deal with it," Graham said.

The team does not have any home games this season and have had to get creative with practices.

"The kids have worked really hard. We're in a small gym, but set up a small batting cage and we go out into the parking lot and hit ground balls and fly balls and the kids have liked it. Houlton is going to let us use their field some to practice and the men's softball field is open there right after school that we're going to use some. We'll be alright," Graham explained.

Numbers are solid for the Eagles with 12 on the roster this year. The team is full of youth with just one senior and are hoping with players coming up next year they will have a team for several years to come.

"Yeah we're pretty young. A few of the younger guys are pretty experienced with playing baseball their whole life, so I think we look pretty good," Winslow said.

"Everyone is fitting in pretty well. A lot of them had played together in Little League and all that. I think we have a lot of young guys with only one senior. I think this year and in the future we'll be pretty good," Potter added.