GHCA boys basketball team a solo act once again

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HOULTON, Me (WAGM) - The Greater Houlton Christian Academy boys basketball team will not be playing with East Grand for the first time in a few years. Isaac Luken has more with the Eagles.

For the first time since the 2013-14 season, GHCA will have it's own boys basketball team. The school is excited for the change.

"They're not just excited, they're supportive too. The school has watched the players on this team evolve as players through middle school and yeah that's really helped us a lot," said freshman Parker Brewer.

"They seem excited, I've heard a lot of compliments from parents about last weekend's game. Everybody is excited I'm sure," added senior Ethan Jacques.

The team was able to form because of interest from students both at the high school and middle school level.

"There's a couple seniors that came back that wanted to play again. We had a couple of junior high kids who came up as freshman and some eighth graders are coming up and playing for us too. I think we all just wanted to get together as a team and do it for the seniors for their last run," sophomore Isaac Potter explained.

"We played on different sets of team in summerball we all played together. Then we decided to become a team through the A.D," added sophomore Cole Winslow.

Players are happy to be playing close to home, some didn't play in the past because of the long commute to Danforth.

"It was a 45 minute drive everyday for practice, which was a lot for the people that did it I'm sure," Jacques said.

"Definitely I think we're a lot closer to home and more people can come out to our games. Unlike going down to East Grand and not having much people from home go down," Potter added.

The Eagles have practices at the Houlton Armory and will play their home games at Hodgdon High School. Head coach Justin Speirs isn't worried about having to change venues to play games.

"It puts a different twist on it. We just had a scrimmage this past weekend against Southern Aroostook and the boys played great. It really didn't make that big of a difference," Speirs said.

The Eagles start their season at home on December 10th.