Gene Cronin takes over as Presque Isle Recreation Director

Published: Jun. 24, 2020 at 5:58 PM EDT
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The new director of the Presque Isle Parks and Recreation Department is now on the job. Gene Cronin's first day was yesterday and he is excited to get started.

Gene Cronin:" I am excited it is a nice change and I am looking forward to working with the great crew that we have here at the Rec and Parks Department and getting after some fun programming this summer."

Cronin who is from the County will also oversee the Forum.

Cronin:" Also looks after the Forum and some of the maintenance staff for the City. It's a diverse busy job."

Cronin has been very involved in outdoor recreation since moving back to the County in 2012.

Cronin:" I have volunteered at several of out door venues in the area. We are fortunate to have so many great ones in the area. The Nordic Heritage Center, Bigrock, Quoggy Jo and Aroostook State Park. A lot of areas we can partner with."

The new Recreation Director has a goal getting more people involved in programs sponsored by the Department

Cronin:" We want to increase our adult programming and our family programming. Our outdoor recreation programming is a big thing in the area and we can increase visiting all of these great venues that we have."

The traditional activities including baseball, tennis, basketball and track and field and others will still be offered

Cronin:" Ball sports will continue on with all the age groups. We will continue doing all of those programs and possibly adding a program or two depending on what we hear from the Community.

Cronin says COVID-19 has added another challenge to the summer programs,but his staff has done a great job in organizing summer programs.

Cronin:"Summers compared to summers in the past, but I think our Programmer and our staff have done a great job to run our programs within the guidelines. Get the kids out there and have fun this summer."

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