Get Up and GO: Biking

Tis the season for biking season.

As the weather continues to improve it's important for folks to participate in outdoor activities and biking is a great one..

(Daveson Perez): Why is it important for people to get out and go biking?
(AB): Lots of reasons, just to stay healthy and active mental health and the physical aspect to it too."

If you're a beginner, Andrew Bouchard, owner of Bike Board and Ski, says you should probably start out on an entry level mountain bike.

However depending on the style of riding you're into you've got plenty of bikes to choose from.

(AB): "Mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, gravel adventure bikes, plus tire bikes, fat bikes, your bike path cruisers, urban bikes...There's just so many categories of bikes now that all have their own unique abilities.

If you already own a bike, Bouchard says there are a few things you can do to get your bike ready.

(AB): "...You know get the chain lubed, the brakes adjusted correctly, get air in the tires and go through the bike to make sure it's ready for the season."

Here in Aroostook County there are many different roads, paths, and terrains for your biking pleasure.

(AB): Right here in presque isle, there's some great opportunities to go biking...Mantle Lake and the bike path around town is a phenomenal place to go and take your family out for a ride. We're so lucky up here to have the nordic heritage center and all those trails...In Caribou there is a path around town as well… Collins pond path and there's even you can take some atv trails that interconnect around town. We're really lucky up here.

So get up and go biking, but of course, it's imperative to be safe while you're doing so.

(AB): "Yea if you're getting out on the road and you're getting on roads with cars and stuff it's important to go with the flow of traffic...Obviously wear your helmet and any safety gear that you need... but you need to respect the vehicles just like we hope they respect us. When we're on the road."