Get Up and GO: Hiking

(Renee): "It's not only physically good for me it's good for my mental health."

Renee is one of the leaders of women's trail night held on Tuesday nights at the Nordic Hertiage Center.

She has navigated women through the single track trails for over 8 years.

(Renee): "Today we are enjoying a night of women's trail night at the Nordic Heritage Center. Where we will offer beginner, intermediate, and trail running and it's something that's been running for 8 years and it's very popular."

It's not the only outdoor event held at Nordic. There are many others which include the whole family.

(Jamie Guerrette) Ladies hike here on Tuesdays...hiking and running on Tuesdays, beginners on Wednesday nights and new this year we added a Friday family hike…"

Hiking is a great exercise to do to get away from the daily stresses of the world and focus on one thing at a time.

(Jamie Guerrette) A lot of people come out here... your just a couple miles away from town but you feel like are completely world away...It's quiet it provides the solitude...It's just really a chance to get out also when you're out on the trails it's just the only thing you can focus on...We all do other things and multi-task but when you're on the trails you're really paying attention to wear you feet are what's around you. You have to really stay in the moment and that's hard to do."

And if you are a beginner, it's important to remember these few things.

(Jamie Guerrette): "I definitely say if this is your first time come out here with a friend. We have hundreds of acres out here so it can be pretty intimidating at first so grab someone who has been out here before. Hit the trails, bring some water, some bug spray this time of year and just get out here and get started. Very few people come out and don't return. Once you try it you end up liking it."