Get Up and Go: ATV edition

Published: Jul. 3, 2020 at 8:37 PM EDT
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In Aroostook County, ATVing is one of the more popular activities in the summertime.

(Richard Howlett): "There's 6500 miles of trail in the state. Aroostook County has a quarter of them. Of all the other counties Aroostook County has the most trails."

Richard Howlett, president of the Star City ATV club says the best part about it is hanging with friends and meeting new people.

(RH): "Getting out there.Riding with friends. Meeting different people from other areas and see what their take is on ATVing. You hear all kinds of different things. I know the people from out of state and a lot of the people from southern Maine just love it up here. They can't believe the trail system we have up here."

If you're a newcomer you may want to try it with a group first before you go out there on your own.

(RH): "It's got some advantages and some disadvantages. If you don't like to get dirty you might want to stay away from that because it is dusty and you gotta wear the right equipment. So yea I would definitely have them try it first "

And in general make sure to respect the trails at all times because chances are you might be riding on someones private lands.

(RH): "Over 90 percent of our trails are on private land owners and so without them we wouldn't be riding on these trails. So really you gotta respect them. You know don't litter. Stay on the trails. Because we need them for sure.

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