Get Up and Go: Canoeing/Kayaking Edition

Published: Jun. 22, 2020 at 3:14 PM EDT
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(LF): "Boy, it's just great fun...been going at it for years…"

Leo Freeman is the owner of Perception of Aroostook...A canoe/kayak rental business in Presque Isle.

He's has a lot of passion for getting on the water and believes everyone should take part.

(LF): "There's a lot of good aspects to it you know. Fairly easy. Convenient. Lots of places to go. Any number of lakes and rivers a person up here can head for so it's a great pastime."

Should you decide to get out on the water social distancing has never been an issue even before the COVID-19 pandemic.

(LF): "Yea 6 feet between kayak's is no problem. They usually are. It is working I can usually get groups out there with a little bit of caution but it's still available to take advantage it.

And when you do get out on the water prepare for a mental and physical workout.

(LF): "I think it's everything. There is certainly some muscle groups involved with it. Some strength training and...then's there is a mental aspect to it because it's so refreshing to be out there."

And now it's time for me to get out on the water myself. Cue the mini montage!

(Nat Sound):

(Daveson Perez kayak standup): "And before you get on the water and start canoeing or kayaking Leo has some tips...some safety tips for you to take in mind."

(LF): "So other than to keep an eye on the weather, I think the big safety factor is take your lifejacket and wear it. A little bit of're not going to go kayaking that you're not going to be standing in the water up to your ankles, if not your knees. So wear something that's going to dry out and be comfortable...water shoes or something that you're not going to get wet and stay soaked."

(DP Stand-up close): "Now as you can see I have worked up quite the sweat if you can tell on my polo shirt and that just goes to show you the workout you can get if you decide to go kayaking. Daveson Perez Newsource Sports.

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