Get Up and Go: Disc Golf

Published: Jul. 11, 2020 at 8:10 AM EDT
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It's a thursday evening and these people are playing golf...disc golf that is…


Tucked away in the trees in Westfield lies an 18 basket course belonging to Maple Ridge Disc Golf.

The course has been around since 2015 and just like the course, the community has grown.

(Amy Holland SOT): "We have leagues on Thursdays and Sundays that have grown year after year so there really is a sense of family with the players."

The sound of this…(Nat-sound)...keeps people of all ages coming back for more.

(MB): "There is nothing like the feeling of a great shot. Once you get that ace or in ball golf a whole in one or you hit a shot an upshot from 200 ft away from the basket as soon as that goes in youre hooked you know what I mean?"

The path to getting that great shot requires overcoming a lot of mental and physical misfires.

(Chris Craig SOT): "Not getting to serious about the game, for myself. Skill level will come. My biggest frustration is me. I tend to hit a lot of trees. But still it is a great sport and real fun.

The more you play it the higher the chances something spectacular will happen.

(CC): "We were on 13..unlucky 13 if you go by the number...I had hurt my right arm at the time so I had to play left handed because I did like so much and that was finally when I got my first ace which is basically in golf like a whole in one..

Amy Holland and her husband Owen have worked hard on this course. They are proud of the progress they've made...but they want more.

(AH): " We like to see that it's growing certainly in the area and hopefully...we'd like to see people from down state come up to play because we are proud of the course we have. My husband especially. So it's something we are proud of and we like to see as many people play it as possible."


In Westfield, I'm Daveson Perez.