Get Up and Go: Yoga Edition

Stretching. Breathing. These two things may seem like a warm up before a long run or a gym workout but for those who practice yoga these acts are the cornerstones for leading a healthy life both physically and mentally.

And anyone can participate.

(Steph McKeen): Yoga is good for every body...It has this stigma as far as if you aren't fit or if you're not flexible. People have all these ideas in their mind about why they can't do yoga. However yoga wasn't intended to do that it was always intended to bring you to a better relationships with yourself.

(Gisele MacDonald): When I feel good physically, I feel good mentally and when I have aches and pains I don't feel good mentally. So it really comes down to how I feel physically and it really makes me feel good physically and that helps my mental well-being.

Steph McKeen has officially been teaching yoga for 6 years. Due to the quarantine she has been unable to hold the yoga classes for which she had 100 people joining every week last summer.

Now she holds smaller classes 2 to 3 times a week depending on the weather.

(Daveson): What health benefits does one get from practicing yoga?
(Steph McKeen): "What health benefits does one not get from practicing yoga? Yoga is so good for everything. It's good for stretching, mindfulness, centering, breathing...Most people don't even know how to breath properly and so yoga is a great tool just to learn how to take a really deep breath."

Everyone gets stressed or anxious. When this happens, our hearts race and our breathing gets shorter and more frequent. Yoga gives you the tools to take deep breaths in those moments giving you the oxygen you need to deal with stressful moments in your life.

(Steph McKeen): "We breath because it's automatic we don't think about it we don't have to...However, think about it when you take a good deep breath in what happens you are able to oxygenate the cells. We don't ever have the opportunity to do that unless you mindful and doing it on purpose and so yoga forces you to do that which is only good for you."

So Get Up and Go practice Yoga. For updates on when Steph will be holding yoga classes visit Vitality + House of Health facebook page. Namaste.

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