Get up and Go: Next Level Training

Published: May. 18, 2020 at 8:24 PM EDT
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Getting up and going to workout is easier said than done and it's especially harder during a pandemic. In an effort to show you what your options are we're starting a new segment in sports called Get up and Go. Each week Daveson Perez will be providing you with different activites you can take part in that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle during the pandemic and beyond. First activity, Next Level Training.

Thursday of this week marked the beginning of the reopening of Next Level Training on Academy st. in Presque Isle.

Owner and head athletic trainer Aaron Marstonis excited to be open and says this is the end of what he calls Corona-cation.

(Aaron SOT): "I don't like staying at home and so I'll call it Corona-cation to make it sound a little bit better but I'm itching to get back to work...itching to get back to working with kids and fitness people and so I'm ready to get back at it."

Aaron has a plan to ease people back into working out while also adhering to public health guidelines.

(Aaron SOT): "I havent worked in such close proximity to my fridge and that's not good for me. Basically we're just trying to get people to increase their work capacity. We just want to get people moving, getting them sweating again...Let's get the heart rate up...let's get them used to some body weight...strength and conditioning...and we'll start there and pick it up over time...We can modify and sort of bring it to everybody's level and yea we'll have all levels and abilities here.

Aaron hopes to ease people's anxiety about the coronavirus through his classes.

(Aaron SOT): "I see a lot of trepidation. When I go out to the grocery store when I go out to walmart. people are scared and anxious and nervous and they dont know what getting back to normal looks like...I hope that by starting our classes and getting people to dip their toe back in the water that we can take care of some of that anxiety and get them living life again."

The class schedule will be structured on a week-to-week basis but if you head over to the Next Level Training facebook page Aaron and his team will keep you informed.

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