Golf marathon at Portage Hlls

Golfers always say that they never golf enough. Six people at Portage Hills Country Club probably won't be saying that later today. Four men started golfing at 4 am and will go until they can't see the golf ball and two ladies are golfing from 7 am to 7 pm. Jeff Poirier and Scott Ferland did this two years ago and they have talked others into taking part this year.

(Jeff Poirier):" It took us two years to remember how much we hurt after the rounds were done. We wanted to do it over again. A lot of people enjoyed it and we had people who wanted to join us. We thought we would give it another run."

(Scott Ferland):" We were pretty successful we raised about 64 hundred dollars last year and we were able to make a difference in a couple of peoples lives. We wanted to try and do it again."

The golfers play their own ball and two years ago they played 132 holes.This year they are raising money for the American Cancer Society and Portage Hills Country Club. All Six golfers were taking pledges from family and friends.

Poirier:"We have several straight up giving us 25 dollars or 100 dollars. Some people are donating by the hole a couple of people doing a dollar a hole. We have one guy who is saying it is 50 cents a shot. The way I can blow up that could be quite a bit of money by the end of the day."

Pledging by the shot could get very expensive. Especially if they shots like this one...... There are always some laughs and just so you know Poirier made a great recovery after that poor drive.

Jordan Beaulier is taking part in the event for the first time. As of 9:30 his twosome had already golfed 63 holes that is 7 trips around the course

(Jordan Beaulier):" I saw what they did a couple of years ago raising money for this great cause. I wanted to have a small part of that. Can't thank them enough for putting this on and what a great event to have today."

Ferland:"When we can't physically go anymore or daylight catches us whatever comes first it is kind of like the car warranty 7 years or 70 thousand miles."

The golfers are putting up with the bugs, fatigue and sore body parts and lost golf balls. They says they love the sport, but after today they might take a few days off

Ferland.:" I don't want to see a club for a week and I usually like to play every day."

And what about going to work tomorrow. Will it be a sick day or do they have very forgiving bosses

Ferland:" He has no boss and I love my job more then golf so I will be work tomorrow laughing."