Golfers not ready to hang up the clubs

t's November and some people still don't want to put the golf clubs away. The temperatures were a little warmer today, even though the wind was howling and that means that some people were on the golf course.

Die hard golfers are looking to get in as much golf as they can before the snow flies. A group of Fort Kent golfers made the trip to Presque Isle today to get in what might be their final round of the year.

Greg Cyr:" Actually we do this almost every year. We try to play the last round of golf in Presque Isle and next spring we will be here the day Presque Isle opens to play the first round of the year. Usually Fort Kent is a week behind or a week ahead so we do this frequently. I think we have done this six or eight years in a row."

There were three different groups on the course around 12 noon time today. One group was there to celebrate one of the golfers birthday, another group said they have played in colder weather and just wanted to enjoy a day on the course and the Fort Kent golfers trying to be optimistic they might be able to play later into this month.

Cyr:" It's a little brutal, but we know the weather forecast is not good for the rest of the month. We are going to have wait until May to come back, but if we get warm days we will be back again."

I caught up with the group on number 12 where the wind was just howling. They were all dressed for the weather knowing that it is November in Northern Maine

Cyr:" Cold and breezy the ball is flying real good, but the greens are pretty good. We are putting alright and we are having a good time."