Grand Entrance: East Grand Duo Joins Hodgdon

HODGDON, Me. (WAGM) - IOn Monday, we spent some time in the valley where Madawaska and Wisdom agreed to a cooperative team. Two other schools have also joined forces. Two players from East Grand are finding a home with the Hawks after not having enough numbers to form their own team.

"I was devastated, we weren't allowed to have a soccer team because we didn't have numbers," East Grand Senior Mallory Gilman said. "I always thought that softball was a sure bet for us, so when I found out that we couldn't have a softball team too, my heart dropped."

And when she heard whispers about a collective:

"I was like this is a lie, this is a joke, and then I came in and I was like whoa this is real I'm playing for Hodgdon," Gilman said.

Mallory Gilman and Jordyn Cowger are the two players coming over from East Grand to play for the Hawks, and Hodgdon Junior Autumn Ganzel says they've fit right in.

"You know some players when they have to leave their home school, their team, whichever they've grown up with they might not have like the best attitude," Ganzel said. "But they're extremely happy to be on the Hodgdon team and get the chance to play softball and we're excited to have them."

Excited may be an understatement for head coach Sarah Williams who graduated ten seniors from last year's team.

"I just got an e-mail from Mr. Quint our athletic director and he said East Grand is curious about having a couple girls join our team are you interested and I said absolutely send em over," Williams said. "We are a very young team just from Hodgdon, we only have one senior from Hodgdon this year having the East Grand, Jordyn and Mallory come over is going to be great for us in more ways than one."

The collective comes with one big condition. No maroon.

"I think they're having a little trouble wearing blue, but I think they'll get used to it," Williams laughing.

"Um I wish I could, it's weird because even when we put our hands in 1-2-3 Hawks I'm like wait it's not Vikings, it's a little weird but we're getting used to it," Gilman said.

Gilman added she's excited to get out on the field in her new colors and can't wait for the snow to clear. Their first game is scheduled for Tuesday, April 23rd against Washburn.