Greg Voisine retires

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Fort Kent Alpine Coach Greg Voisine is retiring after 27 years coaching the team. Voisine says the Warriors success is because of the kids on the team.

Greg Voisine:"It's all them. I am there to guide them, once they leave the start gate they are on their own."

The Warriors are one of the most successful ski teams in the State. They have captured at least one State Alpine Championship every year since 2007.

Voisine:" It's all the training. It is our little hill. Everywhere we go people ask me if we practice five days a week. I say no we practice two night, but our kids are running 25 runs a night. It is quality snow time."

Even though Voisine is not coaching the team He said he will still be around to help out when necessary

Voisine:" I am still going to help out I am not walking away from the whole thing. Leslie Marquis will take my place. She was with me this winter. I am leaving the program in capable hands. It is like I told her anytime you need a hand I will be there to help."

Nordic Coach Carl Theriault has been coaching with Voisine for years.

(Carl Theriault):" This year to have a championship again. It was a close race being 17 points behind and come back. It's a testament to what Greg says at the right time and does at the right time and his leadership. He has been great to coach with over the years."

Fort Kent Athletic Director Eric Werntgen agrees with Theriault's assessment

(Eric Werntgen):" This is a ski community and the support is incredible. Greg has been like the father figure in that group. I know him he will still be around to help out with both and alpine. He is not going away that is for sure."

Voisine:" You ask for help in Fort Kent and people come out of the wood work. Our Green Bean Boosters you can't ask for better. The parents run the races here and everybody has their job and it runs like clockwork."

It has been a tremendous run for the Coach. He is very humble when he talks about the success saying it is all because of the team

Voisine:" Kids have won 21 I have not won 21. I have been on the bus and enjoying the ride. It is my turn to get off and somebody else is going to take over. I wish her all the best and I think Leslie will do a fantastic job with these kids."