Grover throws out first pitch

It's every baseball fans dream to throw out a first pitch at a game. An Ashland man did just that recently at a Pawtucket Red Sox game. Ron Grover attended the game with friends he got to stroll out to the mound and throw out the first pitch.

Grover:" They met me there and I met the ball girls who were going to take me out the mound. They said do you want to pitch off the mound or off the grass. I said i will go off the mound. Bill Nemer caught me at the High School so I was able to loosen up a little bit. It was supposed to be a surprise but the boys figured without throwing a baseball . I am almost 75 it wouldn't be conducive to me throwing a good pitch.

He attended the game with friends Bill Nemer and Mike Cote along with Paula Cote Tardie and Fred Tardie arranged for the retired teacher and coach to throw out the first pitch.

Grover:"It wasn't an 80 mile an hour fastball but I threw a strike and they were wonderful.They let us practice in the outfield They did tell me not to pick the ball up on the mound because that was the game ball. The young man who caught me pitched for the Sox last night. He was nervous. Trevor Kelley was a wonderful young man. He took pitchers with me and I told him that I wish he was in Boston the last two nights when the bull pen failed. He laughed and said he would like to get up there and sure enough he pitched last night and I was thrilled for him."