Hallett named Professional of the Year

Easton Recreation Director Hillary Hallett has been recognized by the Maine Parks and Recreation Association as the William V Haskell Distinguished Professional of the Year award. Hallettt has been the Recreation Director in Easton for 18 years and she said she was shocked when she was told about the honor.
Hillary Hallett:"Humbled excited some good news going on with things status quo. It is an honor to be recognized by the State level for sure."

Hallett has been very busy in both Easton and in the State Association. She has helped organize the Pine Tree State Track and Field event and also chaired the Hot Shot competion.

Hallett:" I have been in Easton for 18 years now and about 5 or 6 years ago it was time to get a little bit more involved with our state association. They do a lot of great things for all the citizens in Aroostook County and also throughout the State of Maine. It takes a lot of hands to make those things work. If all of us do our part from Wells to up north it makes a big difference. It has been a big asset to my job and knowing what is going on throughout our State."

Hallett is involved in everything from the Easton Fields days to numerous other event in the town.
Several people wrote letters in support of Hallett's nomination for the award including Town Manager Jim Gardner

(Jim Gardner):" Very very grateful that somebody recognized what we see here in Easton. A young lady who has put everything in her job to make sure the public is served very well through our recreation department."

Hallett just found out about the award yesterday and had a chance to read some of the letters.

Hallett:" The words were very touching and it nice to know that people see what you are doing on a daily basis."

Hallett was honored to receive the award named for the former Presque Isle Recreation Director
Hallett, like recreation directors of many small communities. could be the only full time employee of the department and that means working with people of all ages on all kinds of programs.

Hallett:" It is the best job in the world. I get paid to play with babies my baby group through my senior citizens. This is just icing on the cake to have the recognition. it goes out to all the Northern Maine folks, we really work well together as an association. I have learned a lot and take a lot away from this experience."