Hamel receives Community Service award

Published: Mar. 4, 2020 at 6:03 PM EST
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Even though Brian Hamel is no longer coach of the Snowdogs...his commitment to the team still runs deep. Recently Hamel was rewarded for his commitment. Rene Cloukey has more on the award he was given.

Brian Hamel has been one of the biggest cheerleaders for the Snowdogs. Hamel who coached the team for eight years was presented with a Community Spirit Award from Asset Mark an investment firm that Hamel works with in his professional life. Bryan Thompson of Thompson Hamel and Steve Richard of the Area Management team nominated Hamel for the award.

Brian Hamel:" They try to recognize some of their advisers around the Country. This is a national organization and they are looking for someone who gives back to their community. They presented my involvement with Special Olympics and the Snowdogs in particular. They liked the story they heard and along with that the recognition. It is recognition of the Snowdogs. I am happy accept it on their behalf."

Hamel did so much more than coach the team. He also helped raise money for the team's annual trip to Portland for the State Tournament. His initial reaction to receiving the Community Spirit Award was disbelief

Hamel:" I was just floored by them recognizing someone from Northern Maine and a small rural community like this for a national award, I was just really humbled."

Hamel said that while he was humbled by the award he is excited for the Snowdogs team.

Hamel:" Not only are they famous in Aroostook County as the Snowdogs, but now they have national recognition. It says something about them. For someone from the west coast to recognize the importance of working with people with intellectual disabilities and I am honored to accept it on behalf of the Snowdogs."

With the award comes a 10 thousand dollar check to the Snowdogs. Even though he is no coaching the team he still has a special connection to the squad. I'm Rene Cloukey NewsSource Sports.

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