Harness Racing recap: Deslandes is leading driver in Presque Isle

The Harness racing season is over in Presque Isle. Dan Deslandes of Orono had quite a week. He was the leading Driver registering the most wins and Michael Hitchcock who is originally from the County was the leading training. Deslandes says that you need some good horses and some luck to win on the track
(Dan Deslandes):" It's a lot of racing luck. Horses in the race in a good spot. People doing their work and having the horses ready to go. It is a lot of luck."

The Orono driver trainer is based at Bass Park in Bangor. While he has had success with catch drives his own horses have also had a very good week.

Deslandes:" They have been racing good. We have a good group of horses. My Fiancee Kori and my groom Alex they work hard and are a big part of the success."

The 26 year old is one of the young guns who is having success on the track. Deslandes says it will be a busy rest of the year for him.

Deslandes:" I have been driving a couple of stakes horses and obviously having a barn of nine and racing them right now and who ever else puts me down."

Harness racing is a business for a lot of people. For many of the drivers and trainers they would truck their horses home after the races and then re load the trailer with the horses who are racing the next day. Heath Campbell of Bangor says to be successful you have to work hard

(Heath Campbell):" If you don't show up you are not going to get the work. You have to show up to get the work. If you show up once a week you are not going to get that many drives you have to come every day to get the drives."

Neal Grass of Bridgewater had a very enjoyable week. He was able to stay at home and race and not have to truck south.

(Neal Grass):" It is great not having to travel. It is a lot easier on the horses and a lot easier on us. It is a lot of fun being back at home."

Campbell says that the drivers and trainers and their staffs do get tired, but you know there will be some down time when the snow flies

Campbell:" We are tired and by the time Fryeberg comes we are happy to see it over, but January and February when we are not doing anything we were wishing to race. It's and up and down thing."