Harness Racing set to begin at the Northern Maine Fair

You heard earlier in the show that the Northern Maine Fair starts tomorrow night. This year there has been a change to the harness racing schedule. Instead of racing on the first Friday night harness racing will begin on Sunday night at 6 pm. This means six consecutive days of racing.

Cigar(Tony Herlihy) wins the Moonee Valley Festival Pace

Harness racing will be held on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6 pm and will be held on Tuesday and Friday August 3rd at 2 pm Winslow says the stables are full for the first weekend

Winslow:" I know the lady that runs the horse stalls says they are completely booked. That is two years in a row we have been booked on that first weekend it is always a good sign."

Winslow says he is confident that there will be a good supply of horses for the week. There are several sire stakes races scheduled and even though they won't be hosting a big money invitational race he thinks the quality of horses will be very good

Winslow:" The last few years we have paid almost the highest purses in the State. We are very fortunate. Seems like the horsemen can't wait to get here and get away from the commercial tracks for a few days and enjoy some family fun and a break from that commercial racing experience."