Hawks undefeated start

The Hodgdon Hawks are one of four undefeated teams in the County. The Hawks are currently in fifth place with a 9-0-1 record. It is a veteran team with nine seniors on the squad.
Jason Little:" It is exciting it is one of the better starts we have had in a couple of years. Talking to Coach Smith they were 9-0 when this group of seniors were freshmen. It is exciting times, but nerve wracking at time because you want to keep going and keep playing well."

Hodgdon has four games left on the regular season and Little tells his players to try and take it one game at a time

Little:" Not look to far ahead and focus on that one game. and do what we need to do for that and worry about the future games when they come."

The Hawks are currently fifth in Class D and it appears they will host a preliminary playoff game. Little says the team is staying focused and working hard on their skills

Little:" Everyday try to do something a little different and work on the skills from passing to moving without the ball. Just doing those little small things that are going to matter once we come to playoff time."