High marks for host of Canadian Junior Championship

It has been a busy few months at the Covered Bridge Golf and Country Club. Organizers are now able to take a deep breath after hosting a National Championship for the first time.
(Joe Sullivan):" We had so many positive comments from the participants from the parents from the officials. They said everything went off without a hitch. We are so pleased this is the first time we have had this National event in this year and the volunteers all came through."

There was a huge crowd on hand to watch the final round with dozens of spectators following the lead group throughout the round

Sullivan:" I don't have anything to compare it to for these participants and whether this was a big crowd or not, but some of the officials said it was the biggest they had seen for a Junior event. We are pleased with that too. The local community support and volunteer support and sponsorship all went very well for our group."

The golfers say it was a fun course to play and they enjoyed the layout and the birdie opportunities

(Brady McKinlay):" On a course like this there are a lot of birdies and not a lot of bogeys you can basically flow and feed off your birdies. If you can make putts you can go really low."