High school students help restore Caribou basketball court

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CARIBOU, Maine (WAGM) - There's a new hot spot for summer basketball in Caribou. News Source 8's Ben Ezzy has the story.

This is what the basketball court at North Caribou Park looked like just a few weeks ago.

(GARY MARQUIS) "It had been a few years that we had done a lot of work up there, and it had been a little neglected on our part."

But two students from Caribou High School were determined to make a difference.

(PARKER DEPREY) "A couple of months ago, me and a friend started talking about coming up here and cleaning it up, because it was in really bad condition."

(GABE RAND) "We wanted to have a place where it was secluded, and we could play basketball and have conversations, have fun, and just enjoy the game overall."

Together, Deprey and Rand approached the Caribou Rec Department to see if something could be done.

(Marquis) "and I, obviously, I said yes. They wanted to reseal the court, I told them I'd get them whatever they needed."

The one thing the rec department couldn't provide was the labor. And so, Deprey and Rand took to fixing up the court on the weekends with friends. Something Marquis is impressed with.

(Marquis) "It's awesome. We don't see it a lot, especially when they did it on their own, they took the initiative and did it themselves. When you see a dozen kids up there doing the work, it's great to see."

The project is still a work in progress, but that hasn't stopped local athletes from hitting the courts.

(Deprey) "We had one tournament a couple days ago. We had 24 kids show up, which I thought was a pretty good turnout for the first day."

Deprey and Rand have created the North Caribou Park basketball League, and are encouraging people to join.

(Deprey) "We're trying to get 3-on-3 teams to show up. You create your own team, there's a couple of rules you have to follow of course, to make sure the teams stay fair."

(Rand) "Anyone of any age, of any skill can play, it doesn't matter. We just want people to come out, to have fun, and to enjoy the game."

(BEN EZZY) "Whether you're here to play a game, or just to shoot around, the court is open." *hits three*

(Marquis) "It's priceless for what they did for us and for the community. Hopefully it's going to attract a lot of people to the park.

(Rand) "It's just a great place to play basketball."

(Deprey) "We're just trying to get a bunch of guys out here that want to play. No age limit, just guys that want to play."

And now, they can. In Caribou, Ben Ezzy, News Source 8.

Deprey says they are also trying to form a girl's league if there is enough interest in the area.