Hitting the wax

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Weather conditions can cause all kinds of issues for Nordic Skiers. Earlier this week skiers were greeted with snowy conditions during their classic race in Presque Isle.
If you have been around any nordic or biathlon event you hear coaches and skiers talk about hitting the wax. That can be very challenging and so much of it depends on weather conditions as coaches look to find the right combination.
(Carl Theriault):" The first thing you do is look at the temperature and estimate how much new snow will be on course. When you have a lot of new snow you go a little bit warmer wax because that normally works a little bit better. The challenge today is the wind is blowing the snow right over the tracks. It's all fresh track and that is a bit of a challenge."

(Colin Jandreau):" Today is a little bit tricky because we have guide and kick. New snow for Classic Races is tough. Although it is not to warm today that is a benefit for us. The colder new snows are better then the 32 degree new snow so a lot of challenges and hopefully we have it right today."

Theriault says they try to prep the skis the night before a race and then make modifications

Theriault:" We put a base layer on last night and today we put the wax of the day on. When we got here we tested a couple and decided what wax to go with it was a little warmer than we thought."

Another challenge for the coaches is the experience level of the skiers.

Jandreau:" The kids get frustrated going up the hill sometimes because they feel they don't have any kick. They have to realize they have to go downhill to and they don't want to be sticking on the downhills. It is a combination of looking deep into the wax box to see what we have to play with. It means different brands and different varieties and hopefully we will get it right.

Theriault:" The less experienced kids have a harder time with this. The more experienced kids know how to use their skids. A lot of it technique not just wax."