Hodgdon presented 10 thousand dollar check

There was another celebration at Hodgdon High School. Sarah Williams was once again the guest of Honor as US Cellular was on hand to present her with a 10 thousand dollar check for finishing third in the Most Valuable Coaching Award.

<(Sarah Williams):" It has all sunk in and I am just looking to celebrate with everybody today. We can move forward and use the check as we like to."

Stacey York of US Cellluar and several other representatives of the company were on hand today to make the presentation. York said he kept her eye on the leaderboard during the final weeks of on line voting as the standings seemed to change every day.

(Stacey York):" It really is a program designed to take those coaches that connect the good in all of us and celebrate them. We are excited today to present the Hodgdon School with a check of 10 thousand dollars for her winning."

The Middle and HIgh School students were in attendance along with Williams first grade class who were with her every step of the way during the competition. Sophomore Allie Winship nominated Williams for the award.

(Allie Winship):" I just feel so proud to be a part of Coaches team. We are a community that is so close and we all stand together and help each other in times of need.

Last Month Williams was presented with a 5 thousand dollar check and during the assembly she received an additional 10 thousand dollars. Williams said the money will be used in the athletic department in SAD 70.

Williams:" I have spoken to some of the other coaches and talked with what we would like to do with the money. We talked about not doing anything to materialistic. We would like to invest in our youth programs and our varsity programs. The opportunity to send some of our varsity players and middle school players to clinics and camps they are wanting to go to in the off season.