Hornets looking to play in the tourney this year

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ASHLAND, Me (WAGM) - The Ashland boys team has continued to improve the last few seasons. The team is full of upperclassmen and they think this is the year they can break through and play in Bangor.

"That's definitely one of our goals this year. Our goal last year was kind of off that 0-18 year from a few years ago. We wanted to make the prelims, that was our goal. We made prelims and we wanted to set our goals higher this year. We really want to make it to that Auditorium floor," said head coach Lucas Belanger.

Last season the Hornets fell to Greater Houlton Christian Academy in the prelims. The team has thought about that loss and thinks that they can get to the next level this year.

"Yeah I've thought about it a little bit. When we get there again just do better. I want to make it to playoffs and have a successful season," said senior Baily Clark.

"Our expectations are to definitely make it to playoffs and go pretty far in there," added junior Dylan Haley.

Looking at the roster there are a lot of upperclassmen and Belanger thinks that his team has a good combination of experience and versatility.

"We have 6 or 7 returning seniors. We actually have a couple of new seniors that haven't played the last couple of years. We're a really well rounded team right now top to bottom. We just have to look to keep on improving, taking care of the ball, and playing good solid defense," Belanger said.

Defense will be a key for the Hornets if they want to make a run in at the tourney.

"More or less we want to get up and down the floor and be balanced. We want to take care of the ball and play good defense because that can take teams further. Say if you have a bad offensive night, that can win you some games late in the year," Belanger explained.