Hornets make it to Bangor with a young team

Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 10:04 AM EST
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The Ashland girls basketball team will is back in the playoffs.The Hornets finished eighth and will host a preliminary game. The Hornets had a pretty big adjustment at the beginning of the year with a new coach and new style of play.

(Diana Trams):" I think it has taken a little bit of time to get to know the girls and for the girls to get to know me. They have learned a different coaching philosophy and I think it has gone really well and I have enjoyed working with the girls."

The Hornets are still very young, they don't have a senior on the team.

Trams:" I think for us we have to look for little victories and executing our game plan. We are not focused on game to game, but possession to possession and learning from our mistakes and being able to improve."

The majority of the team also played soccer in the fall and they developed a bond

(Jamie Poulin):" We have good chemistry we goof off we laugh, but when it comes time for basketball we work hard at it."

The Hornets are working hard on both ends of the court

(Danni Carter):" I think our defense has kept us in a lot of our games. We work on defense in practice and it has kept us in games. Working our fast break and pushing our offense. We are best when we are moving fast. That is one of our keys and our defense.

Trams:"They play together the more successful they will be. We talked about spending the off season improving our game. We still have the core group of girls with us next year."

The team members work hard at keeping everyone positive and that has been something that has helped with the success.

Poulin:" When we are in tough game we know we have to lift each other up. If somebody is in foul trouble or just upset. When we have these good games it lifts everybody up from the players to the fans everybody is excited and it is a good feeling."

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