Hornets ready for ski season.

The Ashland Hornets girls Nordic Ski team captured the school's first State Ski title last year. The Hornets only had four skiers last year and this year they only have three on the early season roster, , but they are still looking forward to the year and hoping they can add at least one more skier to the team.
Milligan:" We are still hoping we will have more girls come out, but if we don't we have strong skiers and hoping they do well as individuals. We really would like to have a team. We have got a good number of boys and we are looking forward to the season regardless of numbers."

The veteran coach says that their middle school number have been good in the past and that her team members are looking to recruit more skiers to the team.

Milligan:" We know what we have to do. We have to have time on skis. Give me the girls and we will see what we can do."

Last year the Hornets overcame some late season illness and injuries and had all four skiers healthy enough to compete for the title Kassandra Nelson was the only senior on that team and Milligan says it was a special group.

Milligan:" Last year was a very special year. Who knows if we can do that again. It was a great group of girls. Kassandra was a great leader and it also taught me how important it is to have a really good leader.

Willow Hall and Kylie Bolstridge are the two Hornets who are returning to defend the title. Milligan says that being able to get onto skis from the first day of practice is a huge benefit for County teams.

Milligan:" So nice we are so lucky here in Aroostook County to have all this snow. I hear about the rain downstate and I feel sorry for them."