Hot weather greets moose hunters

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PRESQUE ISLE, Me (WAGM) - It was a very warm opening day of the moose hunt. 650 hunters and their sub permittees are taking part in the first of three weeks of the moose hunt.The warm temperatures slowed down the success rate of the hunters on the opening day. The Ashland registration station had some success as of noon, but not as busy as some other years.

(Amanada Demusz):"It has been warm so moose are sticking closer to water and they are harder to get out. We have had nine or ten come in this morning so it has been pretty slow. It is to be expected with this heat. Moose are just not moving around."

Demusz says the hunters were having some success trying to call in the bulls

Demusz:"They said this morning they were calling them in so they are coming into the calls early in the morning when it is still cooler."

Even with the long stretch of unseasonable warm temperatures Demusz says the moose that have been registered appeared to be in good shape.

Demusz;'The moose have very healthy coming in this morning. Good coats and decent weights on them."

The hunters are looking forward to forecast for later this week when the temperatures will be more seasonable. Demusz says the very warm temperatures bring another challenge to the successful hunters.

Demusz:"The concern with the heat is the meat taking good care of the meat. Time is going to be of the essence for the hunters this season.

Here are the totals from the first day
Ashland 15
Fort Kent 11
Presque Isle 7
Island Falls 3
Houlton 3
Van Buren 1